Executive Assistant | C-Suite Administrative Support Specialist


●    Exemplifies all the core values and approaches her role with enthusiasm and a great work ethic

●    Very responsive and attentive to the needs of those she supports

●    Great at anticipating the next step and taking accountability to deliver

●    Not only proficient in all functions but her capacity to handle high volumes is extraordinary

●    Effectively manages a fluid environment and dealing with ambiguity

●    Her can-do and positive attitude builds confidence and trust across her partners

●    Model for how to operate within the company's core values while delivering exceptional results

●    Her ability to make others feel at ease so their needs can be defined and resolved is excellent

●    Stalwart in her ability to adapt to unique and difficult situations

●    Able to take on critical roles and serve proactively in those capacities

●    Demonstrates a great level of professionalism in all interactions

●    Well respected for her accountability and willingness to help

●    Effectively demonstrates her strength in problem resolution

●    Positions herself as a resource for our team as well as others

●    Well regarded due to her diligence in performing every task assigned

●    Dynamic skill set and upbeat personality

●    Dedicated and meticulous work habits

●    Punctual, highly organized, extremely efficient

●    Highly skilled person of integrity

●    Go-to person on any computer questions

●    Tremendous asset to the team in short order

●    Always ready to take on additional responsibilities