Executive Assistant | C-Suite Administrative Support Specialist


Managed sales budget producing over $1,000,000 in annual savings

  • Analyzed actual expenses versus budget
  • Transferred training costs to the appropriate department
  • Reallocated recruiting budget across the offices
  • Removed temporary costs for filled positions
  • Reworked the compensation plans for Sales Managers and Reps
  • Adjusted dates to reflect actual dates of hire

Awards and bonuses

  • Achieved or exceeded every performance goal
  • Received every available bonus
  • Recipient of the TOPS award 

Designed and implemented company-wide policies and procedures

  • Onboarding procedures
  • Performance reviews
  • Drug-free workplace
  • Travel and expense reporting

Provided training to staff members

  • Served as an advisor for the Outlook migration
  • Policies and procedures training
  • Software program training
  • New employee training

Corrected inefficiencies in the sales process

  • Researched options
  • Prepared best solution strategies
  • Implemented strategy to increase efficiencies and sales 

Identified and implemented cost saving measures

  • Restructured corporate cell phone plan
  • Evaluated and implemented new mailing procedures

Department lead for Salesforce integration and improvement project

  • Developed criteria for the sales process
  • Created dashboards and pipelines for multiple users

Investigated and implemented new software programs

  • Healthpac
  • Advanced MD
  • Orchard
  • Zirmed
  • DrugPak